Vivarium Pests - What to do?

0 Replies, 1113 Views's the old 'effort vs results' lesson. The best effort is to hand-remove. Easiest and most effective. Remove the wet wood and wet leaf litter too, and just be diligent for a while and they will peter out. Most hobbyists are so shocked by the appearance of viv pests that they view 12 days as a LONG time and that's why there is little patience and so many ineffectual recommendations - usually by other new hobbyists that have never done a CO2 bomb themselves - only parroting something they saw someone else post.

if you have OCD or are a germaphobe or a 'what if' type of person, then this is gonna be a tough hobby for me to recommend. Tear-downs of tanks and constant stress will totally eliminate your fun for this hobby and before you know, you'll be out- selling your tank. I've had flatworms, grain mites, soil mites, centipedes, a 6 inch long Asian house centipede, some small black centipedes that move like snakes, snails, slugs...half of that list I am currently dealing with. Just hand remove and try not to stress. Again, if you feel like you have to get every last one and are freaking out about eggs and bombing a tank ect ect...then you may not be long for the hobby

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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