Vivarium plant package-$35 shipped

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Trying to sell as a package, but I will break it up if I have to.

Lemon Button Fern- 20 offshoots. A majority are still attatched together. Some are very small.
Episcia- 1 blooms red, 1 blooms pink.- 2 cuttings
Philodendron Micans- 2 rooted plants
Wandering Jew- 1 cutting
Syngonium Rayii- I small plant
Polynesian Ivy- Pellonia pulchra- 1 small cutting with roots
Lipstick Vine- small cutting with aerial roots
Strawberry Begonia- small rooted plant
Rob's Pinkie- semi-miniature african violet start
Rob's June Bug- miniature african violet start-
Dishidia Ovata- small cutting of 2 leaves.
Bolivian Wandering Jew- 2 cuttings
Red stem pilea- 1 cutting
Oak Leaf creeping fig- 4 rooted cuttings

[Image: Plantpackage1.jpg]
[Image: smallerplants.jpg]
[Image: Miniafricanviolets.jpg]
sold pending payment

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