WAAA ! I finally have my frogs !

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YES!! I am the proud new owner of three D. Auratus green and Bronze!! I just love them all so much!! They are all so wonderful and I believe that this is the beginning of a wonderful collection!!! I can't wait to get them into their viv, but they are about six months old, so I'll give them a little more time so they can put a little bit more meat on. My springtails will be here tomorrow so I can seed the viv with them, and hopefully they will be established by the time the froggies are ready to go in. I love them!!

Thankyou so much to Adam(Originaldartdude). He gave me the sterilite they were in along with some Java Moss and some flies, as well as selling me these totally awesome frogs! Thanks!!
I have had auratus breed at 8 months out of the water, so don't count on them beefing up too much more...
Just my $0.02!
Brian T. Sexton
Okay, thanks!! I'll put them in their viv a whole lot sooner, then!!

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