WANTED: Adult pairs or groups (Pref Proven)

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Looking for Adults pairs or Groups. No thumbnails please. And groups, only ones that can be in groups. Haha. I have a Budget of 225 Every other week i can spend. So anything more than that will have to be broken up into more than one payment. Like Azerus pair, Tinc Pairs, Terrablis Groups, Luec Groups. Stuff like that. Pm me please. Thanks. Zip is 19720. -Buddha
3.0.0 Children
0.0.4 Tincs "patricia"
0.0.4 Bronze Auratus (Brians Tropicals)
0.0.4 Blue/Black Auratus (UE)
0.0.4 Green/Black Auratus (UE)
0.0.4 Turquoise/Bronze Auratus (El Cope) (UE)
0.0.4 Blue/ Bronze Auratus (UE)
0.0.7 D. Ventrimaculatus (Borja ridge) (UE)
2.3.0 D. Luecs "Fine Spotted"
0.0.4 D. Auratus "Campana"
1.1.3 Yellow Truncatus
hey i got the costa rican group still pending payment. first come first serve as i have not received any payment as of yet. we'll see tomorrow. but i can take payment of 225.00 now for hold and ship out when you get the rest if interested . i am sure there are atleat one to two pairs in the group.
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