WANTED: Pumilio 'Popa', 'Nancy', solid blue, or green/blue

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Does anyone have any of these species I would appreciate a heads up. Thank you very much in advance.

email is [email protected]">[email protected]
pumilio poda??? never heard of em' and my guess is if they are around you'll probably need something pretty rare to offer in trade. As far as the strawberry, it depends on which morph you mean. Most all red pumilio with the exception of man creek are hard to find as well, and go to preferred customers/friends. Typically man creek are not all red, either. You might try will at the frogfarm, i think its www.frogfarm.net . Good Luck! You might also try establishing some rapport on this board before asking for rare frogs. Hopefully you don't take what I'm saying the wrong way, I am just trying to offer some friendly advice. Cheers!
www.thefrogfarm.net :wink:


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