Wanted - Phyllobates terribilis and other Dart Frogs

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Hi, does anyone know of any good websites to buy Phyllobates terribilis or any dart frogs ?

http://www.blackjungle.com/Merchant2/me ... ry_Code=AA

I personally like Black Jungle the best but thats just my opinion.
Are you looking for orange, yellow, or mint? Rich has yellow and orange (not sure if he has any available right now tho). Check his frogs out at http://www.fryebrothersfrogs.com/

For other dart frogs, check the classifieds here, the links section, and do a google for "dart frog breeders". You can also find some darts on the kingsnake ads, but they are usually more expensive then those that solely deal with darts.
I have an adult mint, probable female.

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