Wanted: Poison Dart frog breeder/seller in Nor Cal, OR, WA

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I live in Humboldt County California and it's extremely difficult to find Poison Dart Frogs. In this whole county I have found one pet shop that has a pair of Galactonotus "orange splashback" for $130 each! I might be new at this but I know this is a rip off. I have been researching for months and am finally ready to get a pair, I have my viv set up. I was wondering if there was anyone on here that breeds and sells leucs, auratus, azureus, or even tincs "cobalt", that lives near me? Perferably Southern Oregon or Northern California.
Hey Alex111683,
I have about 17-18 Bumble Bee & about 6-7 Patricia dart froglets for sell right now. Their about 2-4 months old. I live in Alta Loma CA. I can ship if you would like some. Just email me for pics. [email protected]
Tim Big Grin Smile Big Grin

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