Water Mites harming Dart Frog ?

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I have a 46 gallon bow front and its about 3 months old. Recently I noticed very small white fish like organisms swimming around in my waterfalls and water areas. I was told it was water mites and that I just need to change the water. Well I did that and they are still there and seem to be multiplying. I just lost a leucomela today so now I am starting to worry. Do I have to gut my whole tank and start fresh? Is there any way to control them and kill them without harming the frogs? Are they even harmful to the frogs? What should I do ? Please help !
If they look almost like little missiles that seem to jet through the water at times pretty quickly or jet up and down, what you most likely have is this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copepod

I have these in any tank which has riccia or some fallen leaves in the water.
I doubt the water insects contributed to the death of your frog...

I'm thinking the word "mite" scares you as so many people are actually programed to think that is a bad word, when in realtity....mites are a natural and large part of a wild dart frogs daily diet.

Start looking into other factors that may have caused the death of your frog.


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