Ways to keep viv temps warm in the winter?

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down here in San Antonio it is getting really cold, unusually cold. like it's hit 20 a couple times. anybody know any ways to keep the frog tank hotter? right now he's at 70 degrees steadily. is that a safe temperature?
i NEED more frogs Big Grin
You could use an under tank heater. That would heat the substrate and it would radiat up throughout the tank.

If you have a water feature and can add a small aquarium heater you could set the water temp at 78 degrees.

You could use an infrared heater bulb, but this might reduce your humidity too much.
They will be fine at 70. I'm in Dallas and have very similar weather to you and mine winter fine. My tanks hit 74 or so during the day and drop to the mid sixties at night all winter.
What frogs are you keeping? Epips would definitely not mind your temps. But pumilio might not appreciate them very much.
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Ive been told that most species can stand a ten 2 fifteen degree temp. change. In the wild that is what they would get at certain times of the year. Depending on the species.
they are green and black PDF
i NEED more frogs Big Grin

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