Well, It finally happened here

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For the last few weeks I've been short with my fruit flies and instead of sending off for some I've been buying them from PetCo. I happened to notice about three weeks ago they had an unusually large amount of cultures than they normally have. Most of the time they generally have about three or four but now all three of the stores have at least 12-15 cultures at various stages of development(At this point I'll assume you know what I'm about to tell you..)

Well - Tonight I bought a few things there along with a culture and while I was passing by the reptile cages something caught my attention. It only flashed by in my peripheral vision but somehow triggered something familiar in the deep recesses of my mind. I looked again and sure enough, there in the water dish of that enclosure was a 3-4 month old D. tinctorius "Cobalt".

I'm not some elitist or arrogant dart frog keeper who thinks only us anointed can keep them but the average shlock pet customer does not have the experience or knowledge base to deal with these animals. That and the fact that they aren't going to be willing to spend the kind of money to raise them properly nor are they willing to spend the time learning about them before they make a purchase.

I should have known this was going to happen when I saw Green Tree Pythons there a couple of months ago.

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