Well... hello!

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Hello Guys,

so I'm new to this forum and think an introduction would be nice to get things rolling, to make new friends, learn and share experiences, etc.

My name is Marcel Antal, I'm 27 years old and I live in Hungary. I had lots of exotic inverts earlier in my life, but since 2005 I don't keep any because of financial issues and moving around in Germany, Austria, Hungary. This should change soon, as I really miss those times.

In case you're wondering what I was into: it was mostly birdspiders (115+), scorpions (10+), scolopendra (20+), bearded dragons (5), corn snakes (3), milk frogs (3), and a few dart frogs (3). I had a few successful breeding attempts with Psalmopoeus irminia, Avicularia versicolor, Pterinochilus murinus. But most of all I focused on the asian arboreals species Poecilotheria spp. Keeping those above mentioned species was an extremly fun and amazing experience, so I thought I'll share my knowledge with the hungarian community, and it was quite a success. I know, hungarian site, not much to understand, right? If you are still interested, head over to my sites:

http://www.donot.atw.hu/ > galéria > Nemek/Fajok (for pictures)
http://www.madarpokforum.hu/index.php (the forum I made, after quitting the hobby I passed leadership to a few friends)
http://www.more-artistic.atw.hu/ (my portfolio, but as you can see it's quite old as well)

I was wondering if any hungarians are here on the forum? Send me a pm! Smile
Welcome Marcel.

Your English is excellent, no worries there. Please stay a while and look around. Post often as well.

You are the first Hungarian hobbyists that I'm aware of - congrats !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Surprising and a bit sad. There are very few people here with such an amazing hobby, not to mention how hard it is to get rare exotic inverts, food for them, and tools (our salary is a different and spoiling story as well).

Thanks for the warm welcome! Smile

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