What age/size is it OK to buy/sell froglets?

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I often see VERY young froglets for sale, often with a 'good' price attached to them

I know a nice fat youngster is what we are all looking for in a new frog, but I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind sharing some 'guidelines' to buying and/or selling young frogs.

Sometimes you see a really good 'deal' out there, but maybe with some guidelines and some shared experiences, many of us newer buyer and sellers might have a better idea of what to look for beyond price tags.

Thanks in advance.
Good question / thread topic.

Basically, you want to ensure maximum survival of the transferred animal. It should be feeding well, and often and have no other problems.

It's very hard to put a time label on it...like exactly 5 weeks OOT ect ect.

I've seen at least 3 occasions where people sold retic FROGLETS to someone and in all three cases...they died. Ya hafta be careful with the smaller pumilio morphs too. Some of the larger pums can be transferred earlier, but ya need to be careful on those too.


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Personally, I wouldn't buy or sell anything less than 3mos OOTW. Preferably, 6mos.
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I personally have received retic froglets at a couple months, and they are fine. One calling now actually. I have also received tinc froglets at a week oow with no issues. Once again I think I comes down to listening to the local breeders in your area. But it is more important to heed this advice once it is given. While both of my examples came from a well know local breeder, I would not recommend most people acquire frogs that young.

I saw you apologized on another forum for for locking a thread about this subject. Care to update your 'deal' frogs? Once again this isn't an attack, just wondering?
Yup, I made a huge mistake trusting someone and I shouldn't have. The 'deal' I thought I received did not end up being much of a deal Gabe... I should have listened to Chris. My fault for being ignorant on buying and then not listening to experience...

If you see him tell him to check his local PM's if you see him in the near future.
Hi Craig a fascinating subject ,thanks for posting this,i have no answers for you,i just know that i want the froglets that i pass on to folks to be big and strong,, we,Shaz and i are so new to this,but already we are starting to think that some species will be ready for a move earlier than others,our auratus seem good at 4 months,the little mysties i think might need longer.I look forward to seeing what our more experienced colleagues have to say on this,
This is something I have been pondering the last couple months, especially b/c of my pumilio boom. I currently have approx 25-30 pum froglets and probably 15-20 tads in the water, and just found some more clutches today. Pumilio seem to be sensitive, especially when they are younger than three months. Ideally, I would hold everything until sexable but that would take a ton of springs and a lot of grow outs! So lately I have been trying to hold the froglets until at least 4 months and usually more towards 5-6. I haven't had anybody tell me one of the froglets I sold them died and I have been pretty good at following up with the people I have sold them to. So, for pumilio I think 4 months or older is ok if you are selling them to someone with thumb/pum experience and you are NOT shipping. Shipping is a whole other story, personally I wouldn't ship a pumilio until it was at least 6-7 months and would probably use the same age guidelines for selling a pumilio to a relative noob.
All of this is really helpful info. Thanks everyone.

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