What are some good first poison arrow frogs?

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Auratus, azureus, tinctorus ? What would be a good first dart frog ? Can I mix species ?
All three are good. Don't mix. Auratus are good in groups, and the tincs and azureus do best in male /female pairs
Danny, you might also want to consider leucomelas, and galactonotus. Both of these do very well in a group setting. Both are very colorful, outgoing, and the male leucs have a beautiful call.
Like was mentioned before, it is not a good idea to mix species.
Tincs and azureus can be a problem once they reach breeding age if you should end up with more than a male female pair.
Do you have your tank setup, or are you still in the research stage?

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts
I've researched for the last few years but intensly in the last few weeks. I will get mine early next year. I have two Mountain horned Dragons living in a 50 gal. right now and next spring (2006) I will give them a larger tank and build a frog empire in the 50 gal. Also, do you think a Red Eyed could live in a 29 gal?

Danny Sveinson

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