What do you do to stay in shape?

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Just curious what some of you do to stay in shape.

Over the past year I have been doing P90x, I decided I had enough when I reached 226 lbs and had to hold my breath to tie my shoes.

Last summer I managed to get down to 180 but pretty much stopped working out for the winter and got back up to 190.

This spring I had started working out again doing a P90x / Insanity hybrid and am down to 174 and have shaped up a bit. ...Still cant see the 12 pack but its there. Just need to loose a bit more of that left over stubborn belly fat or loose skin what ever the hell it is.

My youngest son was diagnosed with celiac which is a gluten allergy. I am hopping that since we are now cutting out most grains other than quinoa and a few other things that I will be able to loose that last little stubborn pudge. Even concidering the paleo diet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleolithic_diet


Here is my current work out schedule. (just a lightly tweaked version of standard hybrid) I am currently on Phase 3 day 3 of week 1

Phase 1

week 1-3

1.P90x Chest and Back / ab ripper x
2.Insanity Plyo cardio circut
3.P90x Shoulder and arms / Cardio abs
4.Insanity Cardio recovery or bike riding
5.90x legs and back / Ab ripper x ( I would really like to trade this out for a Insanity work out. Any suggestions?)
6.Insanity Pure cardio
7.Rest (actually I do this on fridays but hey)
Week 4

1.Insanity core cardio
2.P90x Core Synergistics
3.Insanity Core cardio and balance
4.X stretch
5.Insanity Core Cardio
6.X Core synergistics
Phase 2

weeks 1-3

1.Chest Shlders and Tries / Ab ripper X
2.Insanity power and resistance
3.back and biceps (my fav) / Cardio abs
4.Insanity cardio recovery
5.X Legs and back / Ab ripper X (once again would like to sub and insanity workout for this because legs already get worked good all week with insanity)
6.Insanity Pure Cardio (is it just me or all of insnaities work outs pretty much the same?)

week 4

Same as Phase 1

Phase 3

Week 1 and 2

1.Chest and back / AB ripper x
2.Insanity Max interval Plyo
3.Shoulders and arms / Insane abs
4.Insanity Max recovery
5.Legs and back (REPLACE WITH INSANITY WORK OUT!) / Insane abs
6.Max Cardio Conditioning
Week 3 and 4

1.Chest Shlders and triceps / ABX
2.Max interval Circuit
3.Back and Biceps / Insane Abs
4.Max Recovery
5.Legs and back / ABX
6.Max Cardio Conditioning
Final Recovery week

1.Core Cardio
2.X Core synergistics
3.Max Interval Sports Training
4.X stretch
5.Insanity Core Cardio
6.Core Synergistics

I am really enjoying the intensity of the cardio in Insanity.

So anyhow....what do you guys do?
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12 ounce curls ...
Build Toyota trucks 8-10 hrs a day its very vigorous work
I was 280 when i started 2 yrs ago now I'm at a constant 250 im ok w/ 250 im 6'7" so 250 looks good

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Chores around the farm keep me pretty fit. Cutting and stacking wood, gardening, walking the property, hunting and fishing. I also eat very well.
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Regarding the diet, I was very impressed with the south beach diet. My wife had high cholesterol, which was shocking for her 5'2, 110 lb frame, and, we ate fairly healthy we thought. Went on south beach and I lost about 40 lbs with no additional exercise, her cholesterol dropped like a rock without any medications. In another life I was fit, wrestled at 158lbs in college, now, 235 ish. I still run when I can, but its been tough between work and the kids to set a pattern. My wife has done p90x religiously, and mixed in the insanity work outs. She is currently pregnant for our 6th, people are usually shocked to find out our kids are all "from" her. It definitely works.
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Elliptical and daily hot yoga, and pilates for me.....elliptical and weight lifting for Jason Smile
Heres a quick comparison photo.

One year and 52 pounds less.

[Image: beforeandafter.png]
"He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom" LaVey
I'm definitely trying to eat healthier -no fast food / soda and smaller portions.

I'm guilty of skipping entire meals - only eating once a day, but that actually works for me. Everyone is different.


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Philsuma Wrote:I'm definitely trying to eat healthier -no fast food / soda and smaller portions.

I'm guilty of skipping entire meals - only eating once a day, but that actually works for me. Everyone is different.

What do you mean by "works for me"? What are you looking to achieve by missing meals? Not one single homosapien benefits from skipping, missing or gorging on any foods. Control and correct foods allow people to loose shed body fat. The body is a burning furnace when used properly. I'm amused when people stop eating shit food then all the sudden loose weight and they act like its a damn miracle. All the crap that's put into any food (presevatives)that allowsit to sit on a shelf is poison...all of it. That being said, when better food choices are made (closer to it's living form and eaten relatively soon after "death") and ANY exercise is done the body changes into exactly what we were millions of years ago.....a lean mean killing machine. We didn't evolve to sit all effing day and eat foods that we can't spell half of the contents.

For right now I'm doing 3+ miles of walking a day. Once my exersise bike is working again, I'll be switching between using that, and walks. I'm trying to get IN shape though! Hopefully at some point I'll be able to begin my TaeBo Boot Camp Elite dvds again.
I am 5' 9" 29 yrs old and I have a rule I refuse to ever get to 180 lbs. So One day i checked the scale and I knew I was not in the best shape but I wasn't expecting the horror 179.8 I was so close to my limit I decided it was time to do something about it ASAP! So here is a pic of me on that fateful day.

[Image: fat.jpg]

So I decided to use a motto I saw in a Nike parody commercial, silly I know but it helps. "Just do it and shut the [email protected]%K up." Now I say this to myself if I ever am feeling lazy or feel tired at the gym. Just helps me put things into perspective and stop being such a ninny. lol

So current pics of me now

[Image: pic.jpg]

Current weight between 155 - 160 fluctuates between that range.

I go to the gym 5 days a week. Weights 3 times a week cardio 5 times a week. I absolutely hate cardio so I do really intense interval training so I can get it done in half the time, wayyyyy more painful but it's over in about 15 mins. And I also jump rope.

Most importantly though I don't make excuses about time. I work around 16 hrs a day, minimum 12 hrs a day. I still get it done, a workout takes an hour max. If it's taking longer you need to think about consolidating it into more effective movements. If I know I have a function to do that night I either wake up earlier or just workout in my lunch hour. Basically if you want to get fit you will have to make time for it, you HAVE to put in the time.

Also if a particular movement or workout you have seen in magazine doesn't do it for you don't try to force it because you won't keep it up if it's a horrible experience for you. Try to find something that's not horrible for you. In my case, in some magazines or workout plans they do moves that I would be embarrassed to do in the gym so I find alternatives.

Last but not least make sure to give your program some time to take effect, your not going to see any improvements overnight, give it six weeks minimum before you decide to change your plan.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to lose some poundage. :mrgreen:

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