What do you guys think about this setup ?

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Hi guys, I havnt been around for a while and I forgot my password so I had to make a new SN. Anyway, I am going to finally start my first viv. Its a 10 gal Trapazoidial shaped acrylic tank. I want to layer it like this:

moss/gravel/bed-a-beast mix
coco fiber mat

Do you guys think the coco fiber mat will become to saturated and not allow water to soak through and move into the gravel?

thank again!
I would stay away from the gravel since it will make the tank a lot heavier. But if you don't mind that then go for it. If your worried about the coco mat you could use screen mesh used for screen doors and windows.
Thanks for the reply. I'm just worried if the coco fiber will drain easily. I don't mind the gravel because I'm also into the reefing so I'm used to VERY heavy tanks. Thank you.
I think I would skip the coco fiber mat. I assume your talking about using it between the gravel, and the substrate? If thats the case, I would just use fiberglass screen in between them, to keep them separated. Works good, cheap, and wont break down on ya!

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