What kind of Worms are these?

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I've some very small worms(appear almost like condensation, you'd miss them if you weren't watching the cage closely) in my Frog's cage. I'm unsure as to whether this is normal, parasitic ect... or not. I'll try to take a photograph of them.

Tried Taking a picture, however, they are far too small to for me to get a quality photo.
They Look VERY similar to this.

[Image: colinworm.jpg]
N.Tabizon .

Looks like nematodes. for the most part they are harmless. Majority of vivariums will have a case of these at some point. They usually appear early in the morning when the lights first come on. Arm yourself with a paper towel and wipe away!
Paper towel trick has been my approach .But I must ask...for the most part harmless? In some cases they arent?

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