What kind of soil to use ?

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What kind of soil should I use for my terrarium? I completed the background and have plants waiting to be planted but i do not know what kind of soil is good to use. I bought some miracle-gro moisture control potting soil but I am afraid of using it without an experts opinion.
I am a huge fan of Cindy's ABG substrate at vivarium concepts. there are a few routes to go. Do you have a drainage layer? New zealand AAA sphagnum separated by either screen and eggcrate is good with a layer of leaf litter on top or I separate it by hydroton (leca) balls. Coco husk chips are also good. I think people use Shultz aquatic plant soil. I'm not sure about miracle grow, but I wouldn't want to control moisture or have the frogs exposed to fertilizer at all. I'm not very big on "dirt" soil. You can also make up your own ABG mix. You should be able to find the recipe here, but its better for people who have more than a couple tanks to build. A good couple layers of leaf litter is also key -it supports a lot of microfauna and mimics the frogs natural habitat. Oak or Magnolia is good.

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