What soil is best ?

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I am trying to get the best soil and have seen on PUMILIO.com that they recommend super soil but the info says it has fertilizer added to every bag. Won't this hurt the frogs ? Any suggestions ? Thanks.
I have never heard of this kind of soil, why would they fertilize it, for plant growth? I think my frogs fertilize my plants enough.
i wondered that to i don't want to take any chances with my frogs. what do you recommend. i now have 70% peat and about 20% perlite and 10% regular potting soil.
I have heard wonderful stuff about supersoil in frog vivariums. For plant growth that is. The only reason I don't use it is availability. Instead, I use Bed-A-Beast coco bricks, sphagnum moss and Schultz Orchid Mix in a 40-30-30 ratio respectively with great success.
As it is my plants grow too fast, I have to trim them back all the time. I dont think you need any type of fertilizer.
i used some ESU Reptile's Jungle litter Mix mixed with Bed a Beast coco bricks and some sand for drainage. I don't use any fertilizer and My plants are going crazy. Sorry I don't have a rario for my mix I just kinda fudged it as I went along.
Black Jungle peddles some fertilizer. Has anyone used any fertilizer in there viva with frogs? I supose if one was careful they could use just a little applied directly to the base of each plant and water it to get it to soak in.
Anyone have any experience with this?
i use plain coco bedding from the compressed bricks, and my plants grow like crazy and with the added biomaterial from the frogs, fertilizer isnt needed, i mean how often do you want to trim back the plants?

I would rather not have any type of fertilizer. I don't want anything unnatural in my tank if i can help it - I don't even like putting my hands in there that often.

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