Where to get Moss ?

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For my previous tank, I used some moss that I found in a forest. Is there a place where I could just buy it. Thanks
Try Vivarium Concepts. I think they have some.

Petco and PetSmart both sell dried sphagnum moss. I think I misted it for over 2 months and it started growing more. Maybe I was just lucky..
Yeah doesn't that stuff die off? So it grew back? How is it doing today? I was there a couple days ago and really wanted live moss. I could buy some from Black Jungle but the delivery cost to Region 5 are costly. Esp when I'm suppose to be in "DF Heaven". Well that's what I heard anyway.

I have some moss I bought from a nursery. I bought 5 actually... The Irish, and Scottish mosses all died. The Corsican mint also died. That was the coolest. If you touch it, it releases a burst of mint. Well I'd really like some fast growing ground cover. Any thought?
well, northwest frog fest is just a couple of months away, and you'll see heaven unfold. until then, i don't know about fast spreading, but i've successfully used tropical moss from BJ, and java moss from aquarium stores works great on wet areas.

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