Where to put the fogger ?

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O.K. I have just about everything I need to put the viv together. I made the false bottom and will start my back walls today. The question I have is, Where do I place the fogger? I have a small water area in the front corner that is only a 4" X 6" area. Do I place the fogger behind the crate wall in this area? I spread silicone over the top 2 inches of the wall and glued gravel to it so I don't see the eggcrate and have a 2 inch area that will be filled with gravel to let the water go behind to get to the pump. Will the fog make its way out thru all this material? I hear you have to keep the fogger away from the frogs so they are not able to touch it. So this is my dilemma. I need to run my wires before the wall goes up. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Liz
I'm also new to this hobby, I tried putting my frogger under a ramp in my ponding area, with just gravel on top of the ramp, this didn't seem to work. I'm sure that if you leave a small opening, for the fog to escape you will be fine. I highly recommend make some type of cage around your fogger, in open water though.
IMHO do not put that fooger in the viv. Buy a cool mist humidifier (i have the walgreens brand) off of ebay ( i payed 15 bucks) and run a pipe from the outlet to the tank. Cover the tank inlet with some sort of screen. I have heard nothing but problems with those foogers. From frog deaths to electrical shocks. But again its just my opinion take it as you will.
I have to agree with stitches the foggers are a complete waste of time and money they get hot and dont work. why dont you just hand mist? I have 5 viv's set up and it really is't a bother and this is coming froma guy who on average works 12- 15 hours a day.
I aggree with Paul. At the moment I have 3 set up and have a small hand held pump sprayer from Home Depot that works great. If you have sufficient water and depending on ventelation, you shouldn;t have to mist every day. some times I skip a day if I'm busy. I do have running water in my larger viv, and my others are well planted and less vented.

Zap my froggies. Not gonna happen. Thanks guys.
i just want to add that i just set up a tank with a walgreens cool mist humidifier with tubing running down into the tank and i really like it. i like the look of the 'fog', and it seems like it will cut down on hand misting(which after years with a mister bottle in hand i'm sorta tired of)...just make sure it's 'cool mist ultrasonic', and that you don't have sags in the tubing which will fill with water.
mack and stitches,

Just wondering if this is the type of humidifier you guys are talking about

Its not the exact model i have. But, that looks like it will work perfectly. The "cool mist" is the key. You will just need to find plumbing the works. I used a 1.5 inch to 0.5 inch rubber reducer. It fit perfectly in the top. I would look on ebay you may be able to find it cheaper, or even goto walgreens i think most be are after dehumidifiers at this time of year, they may be on special.
that is the exact model i have....just take the cap off of the vent and stick some tubing in.
I would recommend at least 1.5 Gallons for the humidifier...you can get clear, flexible PVC tubing at Home depot and PVC elbows...Additionally, I found that you can get bulkhead fittings from any store that sells saltwater fish...get the bulkhead with the screen...drill the hole in the top and you have a escape proof fogger...

I agree those in-tank "bubbler" disc type foggers suck.
I put a piece of screen over my fogger and it works great and protects the frogs but I will agree they are a pain when the discs need to be replaced - I have had mine for 2 years and I only changed the disc 2 times and it runs a lot. I also have a bridge over my fogger to hide it but make it easy to access.
Does the walgreens humidifier have a fitting or something where the vent is to pop on a tube to run it in your viv? and will the humidifier sit under your viv?
On the Walgreens brand ultrasonic cool mist humidifier the vent on the humidifier itself slides all the way out leaving a perfect opening. I had a bunch of cork lying around so I plugged the hole with that and drilled (painfully slow) a hole in that for the tube. It works great. I have my humidifier sitting behind the tank and out of site. You just have to make sure when you put yours in that there are no sags in the tubing otherwise water will collect there and slow or stop the flow of mist.
"In-the-tank" circular disc fogger = BAD. Kills frogs

Outside the tank / Ultrasonic humidifyer - Vicks, KAZ brands found in Medicine aisles at Walmart, drug Stores = GOOD


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Here's the safe "fogger" or otherwise known as an Ultrasonic Cool Mist......hobby tested and approved....

KAZ brand.


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The only good thing to use those foggers for is coming up: Halloween. Have you ever tested just how far away the water splashes?? I tried to minimize the "spray" area by putting it in deeper, then even deeper containers and then it wouldn't make fog....so a carved out pumpkin with a bowl will be it's home for the season....
uh...what water splashes ? Spray ?

The only thing that comes out is a fine, cool mist. The picture above is accurate - no water, no spray, no splash.

Do you have the same model ?


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I meant those small ultrasonic thingies with the vibrating plate...
Judy S Wrote:I meant those small ultrasonic thingies with the vibrating plate...

Put those in the trash....or at least somewhere not near animals.

Good rule of thumb....keep all components OUTSIDE the tank. The only thing going inside the viv should be a tube that the allows the mist/fog to be pumped in...


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