Which Dart Frogs climb ?

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just wondering wich dart spends the most time in the trees i set up a very tall viv and have two leucs in it and wanted to get a pair of something else but not sure what.
i am not experienced enough to have a firm opinion of mixed species tanks, but if the viv is huge enough i know that some people do it (while others gasp in horror). with that said the ventrimaculatus group of thumbnail frogs are primarily arboreal.
i definitely don't want any hybrids i want two pairs thet cant mix
hybridization is not the only issue(although a big one). other factors are temperature preferences, frogs eating each other's eggs or disturbing breeding, and especially not mixing bold with shy frogs so that the shy guys become intimidated and stop eating and die. i'm less than a year into darts, and do not have any experience with mixing frogs, i'm just passing on second hand some issues i've seen discussed when it comes to mixing. i just read another person saying that after five years of having the same frogs (getting to know them as individuals) he is going to mix some species. i think this is the gist of the repeated warnings that mixing species is only for very advanced hobbyists. most of the really advanced folks seem to be opposed in general to mixing, but europeans with mama-big tanks seem more open to the idea. if you haven't already, check out frogworld.nl to see some of the really big euro-setups.

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