Which Dart Frogs do best in groups?

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There is a reptile show in GA tomorrow and i was told he will probably have darts... i have a 55 gallon long tank and was thinking of dendrobates auratus Costa Rican since i know those will be there... are they good in groups? i was thinking of starting with 4 or 5 and maybe getting up to 8 or so... What types are best in groups? I really like the colors and would prefer green and black OR bright colors...maybe some strawberries... please let me know since he will be there in less than 20 hours! Big Grin
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I have a number of green & bronze auratus. As juveniles, they all got along very well. For the most part, they also get along as adults, but there can be some fighting between the females when it comes time for breeding. I have had to separate a couple of aggressive females. You just don't know until you actually see them interacting. I'm not sure you'd want to keep 8 or so adults in a 55 gallon. That may seem like a lot of room, but you'd really only want to keep maybe 5 or 6 adults in there at the maximum. And that's if they all get along.

I've also had pretty good luck with keeping a group of leucs together. Be sure to stay away from large groups of tincs. Tinc females definately fight. Although most froggers don't like to keep different species together, I've had luck with keeping auratus and variabilis together without any aggression.

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