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This weekend, I will be "inheriting" a pair of dumpies. From my one nights reading on them, I can already see that I will have to redo their habitat. There is no humidity, improper substrate and a multitude of "other" issues that I have read are considered no-no's. My question is this, seeing as I am going to be redoing the bulk of it, I was wondering if moonlights, such as those used in reef aquaria, would be of any benefit to the frogs or my viewing pleasure seeing as they are mostly nocturnal. Do they become active in the evenings even with the lights on? Do they wait until the room is dark? I cant seem to find much help on this.

Thanks for the opinions in advance. Oh, I also wasnt sure the best place to post this, so if it needs to be moved, I fully understand Wink
I would say that there is no benifit besides your viewing pleasure. Whites are crazy eaters they will eat whenever you put the food in the tank. So if you want to see them in the day just put your food in there during the daytime hours. You could almost say that this frog is domesticated, they seem to have no fear of humans at all and can be found near peoples homes in austrailia, probable attracted to the insects that agther by porch lights. Well good luck with them, they are awesome frogs. Whites were the first frog that I ever had. If mom only knew what she started. :lol:
Thanks for the help, I get them saturday and I am rather excited about it.
I taught my frog to eat from out of my hand. They just stick to the tank most of the day and it doesn't seem like it ever changes position.

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