Will these lights work?

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Hey guys was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with these lights or knows about them at all.

http://www.mistking.com/Jungle-Hobbies- ... ystem.html

Ive seen the YouTube videos and they look amazing. Im just not sure if it would be enough or if it would be overkill. The tank is 20 gallong long I believe. Im willing to drop the cash on a nice lighting system just want to make sure I invest in the right one. The tank is going to be for dart frogs im just not sure yet as to which ones not sure if that matters
[Image: 6f5a6b028dddfb9ea4941a7fc34d4f04.jpg] Thanks in advance! Smile
Hard to say. Drop Marty an email and ask the source.


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I have heard great reviews on these lights, if you are going to keep a few vivs and not expand than go for it.
I have that light on a 20 gallon set on end and plant growth is great. Light is truly set and forget and even remembers settings in the rare occasion of a power outage. Expensive but does the job well.
Awesome thank you guys for the feedback it is invaluable. im definitely buying one. Ill be sure to post an update when it gets here Smile

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