Would this work?

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I am just about to set up a tank for a dart. Probly something for a beginner because after all thats what I am. I am just wondering if this would work?

I have a 10g glass aquarium
Lamp used for fishtank (can change bulb, what do u recommend?)

Would it work if I took an egg crate and put some netting over it then took some soil (what do u remcomend?) and put that in and planted with some moss and or plants (any recomendations?) Would this be an adequate enviroment for a dart frog?

For frog choices i am debating between a cobalt tinc and a D. Azures...
Please your recomendations would be greatly helpful...
A 10 gallon tank would be good, but the bigger will always be better. A plant grow light or mabey a tropical sun glo would work for lights. Just make sure that they are not incandesant or they will burn everything. The false bottom (egg crate) is a good idea, and screening is good. Topsoil from you garden will usually work ( make sure there is no chemicals!). Moss, bromeliads, creeping figs, and tropical plants from www.cloudjungle.com, www.blackjungle.com or www.petflytrap.com. And that would be a very good enviroment for darts. Cobalts are good and so are azures, but the azures are more territoril. The tincs would be better. Good luck with you darts and it seems like you know most of the basics already.
Hello. Welcome to the wonderful world of darts!
If your concerend about chemicals in the soil, try ESU's Jungle litter mix. you can pick it up at Petco or petsmart. I like it.
another good link for plants is:

I've gotten some broms and other plants from there and was very pleased.AS well as BlackJungle, they are very cool too.
Good luck.

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