Yesterday's Haul!

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Hey all! I just thought I'd post photos of what I picked up yesterday. Enjoy!

Temp tank and placement only! I took these as soon as I walked in the door with them on my cell, so sorry that the photos are of such miserable quality. Big Grin
[Image: 48f93fa3-fa23-4e53-b2ee-646451b92619.jpg]

[Image: 5695886c-f8cf-4777-9d53-28c69ccf99ce.jpg]

This is what's inside!
2.1.2 group Leucs. They're still a little shy (I've had them for less than 24 hours yet..), but a few of them are pretty inquisitive when I get the camera out!

[Image: DSC_7203.jpg]

[Image: DSC_7202.jpg]

[Image: DSC_7201.jpg]

The rest all look like this:

[Image: DSC_7205.jpg]

But there is 5 Panamanian Green and Black Auratus, and 6 E. Anthonyi Santa Isabel.

2x Springtail culture on the exo terra.

The 12x12x18 Exo Terra came with two mourning geckos, both female. Unfortunately, they've taken a liking to behind the cork board and under the substrate, so no photos of them until they decide to pop out. They also will not be keeping this tank. They will be moved to a similarly sized aquarium, maybe a little larger. And this tank will be used for things more of an amphibious nature Wink.
Good catch Mark ! Did you see a local Baltimore advertisement for this stuff ? Please don't say

Nice to see a "happy" post lately Big Grin

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Lol, nope. I saw a post in the classifieds forum on Dendroboard. I was met about half an hour away and I got a great deal on the whole bunch. I don't want to jinx anything, but everything's going great right now. I'm actually setting up a rack tomorrow for the leucs, tads, grow out tanks, and flies. So you'll be getting more updates as the week progresses. Smile


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