adding vivarium plants to the viv

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Ok so I had a couple quick questions on adding plants to the vivarium. I am kinda new to this. I know you are supposed to bear root the plant if you can when adding to the viv. But what about Selaginella? I don't think i should but not 100%. also should i bear root the plant if it comes from a reputable viv plant dealer? Such as NE Herp? Respond asap plz I am trying to finish this tonight.
Why are you rushing ?

I take my cuttings and start them in clear plastic bins or baggies with wet sphagnum and high light. I toss the clippings in and forget about them for a while and then a month or so later, I put some of them into vivs.

Are you concerned that the plants may have hitch-hiker insects or plant disease ?

While I cannot say "do what I do"......but... I tend to just toss and randomly place clippings and started plants into various places in the viv, and never worry about them. If they don't make it...I just try again and get more.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil that's what I was doing with the cuttings I received. My big question was the spike moss. But i tried shaking the dirt off it and was surprised how big the root ball was. I do have another question though. A couple of the plants I received had the Styrofoam balls in the substrate. I removed as many as I possible could from the roots but It seems high unlikely i could remove them all. If I removed the rest it would damage the roots. Everywhere I've read says to remove the styrofoam balls, so I am a little concerned.
Also, I am rushing because I am a busy man. I rarely get the time for mounting and such. Which I found out is as hard to figure out your first time as I thought it would be.

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