breeding same parent frogs?

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Ive been looking for an answer to this and feel stupid asking it however Im clueless right now. I know that some reptiles and amphibians interbreed w/o any genetic problems. Is this the same with PDF's? My main problem is that the breeder I have nearby only has one breeding pair of poweder blues so all offspring are all related. I would like to buy some more but dont wanna pay 50.00 shipping for 45.00 frog when I could buy two for that much. Thanks guys for helping me out...anyone near Toledo, Ohio have some powder blues they wanna sell?
does anyone know the it safe to breed related dart frogs?
it's safe to breed related frogs upto F6 or F7 so 7th genaration but it's always a good idea to introduce new blood to a group, but as said before no harm in breeding related frogs.
Maybe this may answer a few questions. Rich did a good job breaking it down... ... inbreeding

E. anthonyi, D. imitator, C. azureiventris, D. amazonicus, D. lamasi (pan & pan gl), P. aurotaenia, D. variabilis, D. quinquevittatus, D. reticulatus, D. matecho, D. pumilio cauchero & escudos

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