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Hey All,
Just wanted to share the good news.


Congrats...you manage to do it on your first attempt? I know a lot that haven't, and a few that packed their belongings and fled boot camp.
Nice, big Tony ! What can you do for us here ? Can ya git up unner' the hood here and install some nitrous?


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
GrandmasterTree Wrote:Hey All,
Just wanted to share the good news.



Congrats that is still one hard ass exam.... Make sure you don't take to much time of and push toward the CCNP

Did you take two exams? Or can you still do it in one?

And what the hell are you going to do with that cert in Hamburg PA?
Come down to DC where they will offer you the sun and the moon.

Wait ... You work in Mechanicsburg don't you ?

Thanks all

I took 2 tests, broke 900 on both which was my target
ICND1 was just about a year ago ...CCENT
ICND2 was last week ...CCNA

I work for an ISP, PenTeleData, so the Cert will help me in my job right away

Moving forward I'll be going for CCNA-Security, then the CCNP path

With CCNA or higher, your never going to have to worry about finding a job.

Congrats again. Just make sure you keep that forward momentum. My old roommate has been a CCNP for years and he always gets to about a month before it expires and then rushes to take an exam so it stays current.


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