cleaning a vivarium

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I have a 10 gal. tank that is well planted that has two small, very small tree frogs in it. I'd love to move them to another tank and put two small darts in as a transition to a larger tank that is growing out. Knowing that the preferred method is to set up a tank with as sterile an environment as possible, is there a way to "clean" this viv with perhaps CO2 that would render it clean enough for darts??? If yes, how does one proceed? What kind of "things" are needed? I really and truly do not want to tear it down--for Pete's sake, the moss has finally decided to grow in!! Thanks

The sale is ON...right now at Petco....or is it Petsmart ?....Do a google search for it.

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Thanks...and its Petco...but I really didn't want to tear the tank down...the room where I have my tanks, computer, and a "plant stand"three tiers high measues (oh, and a "lady's desk...) about 8 x 12 if every inch is precious. The idea was to be able to have these two two 36" on one stand, 4 different sized exos, one 20 vert that I converted, and the 30 G...its a little confining to say the least... Have you been able to raise isos and springs??? I have to send away for a mix, and can't remember the guys name that on DD says he has a good you ever go back and "lurk"????? It takes a while to see how plants do in the of the major issues other than the dampness, is the lack of moving air that the 20G vert has been converted (and that was a very interesting experience in itself...)...the tank looks great, but I wish that I had had a hole drilled in what used to be a side, so that a fan or two could've been inserted for the air flow. So despite the three 2" FF escape-proof holes at the top of the "door"--and five smaller holes toward the bottom near the substrate...there is no major airflow. I've gone through several different types of plants and they melt...I can't think of an elegant solution..but this is off the subject.....what about recycling one of my 10's for two hardy darts??? If the frogs that are now in the tank were CB (lutinos)...think that would work??? Have you completed your move???

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