coco huts for E. anthonyi ?

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Hello all, has anyone ever had E. anthonyi lay in coco huts or film cans, just rearranging my group of E. anthonyi viv and wonder if it's just a waste of space that I'm taking up using the coco hut if they are never going to use it anyway. The care sheet here does mention anything about coco huts. Smile
Never tried huts for mine. I've not heard of anyone reporting great success with huts.

I did have film cans but mine always preferred laying on leaves.

oh...I had 2.1...if that matters.

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I have limited experience w Tricolor, but I will share my observations. I have both film cans and a coco hut w my Tricolor. My (2.1) will all congregate on and hide in the coco hut, but I have never seen any eggs inside it (I occasionally check, although my males are still young, so I don't expect anything yet). I treat the coco hut as "furniture" for frogs use. I would not think a coco hut is a waste of space even if it's never used as an egg deposition site. Before I put in a coco hut, they liked to perch on the highest area in the leaf litter, which was a big chuck of live moss. The coco hut stands up to frog waste better and makes for a good shelter. I have never seen the frogs explore the film cans, but a few times I have found frog defecation in them. I will update the thread if I ever see any evidence to the contrary.

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