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I am selling off the rest of my pairs with their tanks and their offspring.

I will only ship with no live arrival guarantee, but I would feel better if the tanks go with the frogs because I am getting out of the hobby for a while. All tanks are well planted and are well maintained. All frogs are in very good health and all the pairs are proven breeders. Pictures follow the listings. Not all frogs are in the photos. I did not get a picture of the patricia offspring but they resemble the parents. And I do apologize for the pictures not being wonderful but my camera is cheap.

+ 1 Proven Patricia Pair (Saurian line) w/ 10 gal. tank - $325.00

+ 1 Proven Green Sipalwini Pair (Saurian line) w/ 10 gal. tank - $375.00

+ 1 Proven Salvias Trio (from respected board member) w/ 29 gal. tank w/ tads in the water portion - $350.00

+ 3 10 mo. old unsexable yellowbacks - $60.00 ea.

+ approx. 4-6 8 mo. old slavias (w/ some calling males) - $55.00 ea.

+ approx. 6 6 mo. old blue sipalwinis - $55.00 ea.

+ approx. 8 4-6 mo. old azureus (some fine spot) - $50.00 ea.

+ approx. 8 6 mo. old green sipalwinis - $60.00 ea.

+ approx. 8-10 1-2 mo. old patricias - $35.00 ea.

[Image: AzureusFroglets.jpg]

[Image: BlueSipalwiniFroglets.jpg]

[Image: juvenilesalvias.jpg]

[Image: LimeGreenSipalwiniPair.jpg]

[Image: PatriciaPair.jpg]

[Image: SalviasBreeingTrio.jpg]

[Image: YellowbackJuveniles-1.jpg]

If you are at all interested or have any questions feel free to contact me through email ([email protected]). Please no pms.

Also I am pretty set on my prices so please no rediculous offers. But if you would like to purchase everything we can discuss a bulk discount or if you wish to purchase more than a couple of the non-breeders we can discuss a bulk discount.

Please note that all sales are final.

I live in Havre de Grace, Md so please keep that in mind also.


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