fat or pregnant...? pics

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i have had this frog since march and it had recently gained a LOT of weight... but just in the middle part... so im thinking it could be getting ready to lay eggs?? heres the frog in question...
[Image: 121.jpg]
[Image: 127.jpg]
[Image: 118.jpg]
this was the same frog in march when i got it
[Image: newfrogs003.jpg]
Did it have the pink blotches on its joints and pink bumps near the top of its front leg (see picture at the top) when you got it? The bloating and blotches strongly seems like either chytrid symptoms or another type of infection. I would take the frog in to an experienced herp vet or send the pics to Dr. Frye at [email protected] if there's not one who can look at the frog in person. Keep it in quarantine if it is still there----if not, watch for similar symptoms in your collection, such as bloat, weight loss despite eating, lethargy, hiding away all the time, dragging legs---these can all be signs of a serious illness.
thank you. there are no bumps on the frog... just some chunks of the substrate. lol. it has also lost a lot of the weight... so im thinking it was either constipation or being gravid. i will be looking for eggs...
I hope it was just preggers. If it was bloat, which can occur for a number of reasons, it may return---if the female has become egg-bound or there isn't a place for her to soak in water, or there is no mate for her, this can cause such a condition. It can lead to death if not remedied. I'm glad to hear she's thinned out---just watch for continued weight loss, skin changes or behavior changes. If these occur, speak to a DVM.

Also, if you have exposed coco-fiber in the tank, cover it as much as possible with leaf litter or moss. Frogs have been known to ingest some with their food and become impacted in the bowels and die.

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