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I have a 30 gallon hex tank. I am putting a false bottom in it and of course have to put a pump and filter on it. Is there a way to do this without cutting holes in the bottom of the tank. Is there a filter that can be on the outside of it inside of the stand? What size of filter/pump should i use. I just want a small little waterfall in it.
You can use a canister filter if you want the filter under the tank in the stand. You may just need to make sure the pump has the right kind of head pressure you need to get the return water to the top of the tank.
zoo meds makes a 310 and 304 . would either of those be good
How far does the water have to be pumped up from the stand to the top of the tank? That would be your head pressure. I have a Rio 450 pump that has a head pressure of 36 inches and that is barely enough to pump the water 26 inches.

I don't see where the Zoo Med filters give you the head pressure.
HMmmm that could be a problem then. Any other suggestions on a pump then. We are trying to avoid cutting into the tank to add a pump. That is the problem we are having.
I have my pump under the false bottom. I keep the water in the false bottom above the submersible pump. I have an aquarium hose that runs from the pump to the top of the waterfall and then the water falls into a pond which goes down into the false bottom.
This guide might be of some help in your pump selection.

I'm looking for information on how to set up a simple waterfall. I made one 20 g long viv with just a small pond, no pumps or anything. I'm making my second tank (20 g tall) and would like a waterfall. How deep does the water need to be in the false bottom? I am a little unsure of where exactly the pump goes in relationship to the waterfall. How do I keep it accessable? Also, I've read that some people put their pump inside another container, such as tupperware. How exactly does that work? In the meantime, I'll keep searching and see what I can find out. Thanks! Fran
Yeah on this topic, can i run my cords and such behind the backround?
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