frogs in washington!

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i have the following for sale to locals in washington. too cold to ship.

0.1 powder blue (saurian line) - $35
3.0 azureiventris (INIBICO line) - $20 each
probable 0.1 'green and bronze' auratus - $35

0.0.1 'orange panguana' lamasi (darren meyer line) - $65
ill have a lot more lamasi in a couple months. just sold all but this one.

i know its not much but 10% of each frog sale goes to 'amphibian ark'.

thanks for looking!
Hi there!
I was wondering if you lived in washington dc or the state washington! lol i live in the state of washington and i am looking for a few new frogs and u have a few i would like, if u have any left. let me know plz

i guess ill update this.

cja1500 i do live in washington the evergreen state!

i still have the following:

0.1 powder blue - $35
2.0 azureiventris - $20 each
probable 0.1 'green and bronze' auratus - $35
1.1 azureus - $200

feel free to make me an offer, i might take it.

no shipping at this time!

Where are you in WA and what do you have for sale?
hello, i live right in between monroe and woodinville. i have a few things available right now:
0.0.4 orange panguana lamasi - $50each
probable 1.1 azureus - $150
proven breeding pair 1.1 leucomelas - $150
1.0 green and bronze auratus - $40
0.2 probable green and bronze auratus - $35each
0.1 probable standard variabilis - $70

the ones that say probable are VERY probable, going off body shape. i can send you pictures for any of these, let me know.


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