got fecals, now what?

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i finally collected fecal samples from all of my frogs, who by the way are all fat and happy. i recently evacuated new orleans, and all of my frogs are still in various temporary containers pending completion of their new vivs. this seemed like a great time to try to get parasite free animals into the vivs in order to hopefully keep the vivs parasite free.

in keeping with what the frye brothers claim, although all of my animals are fat and happy and from very reputable breeders(save one impulse buy frog), and have not been in contact with each other, they all have parasites. the problem is that my local vet doesn't know what to do next. she seems very intelligent and caring, but has no experience with pdf's, so is unsure of what is normal and harmless, vs. what are potentially dangerous parasites.

i called dr. frye's office and offered to give credit card info to pay a consultation fee, but unfortunately the local vet does not have a photographic microscope, so dr. frye's secretary said it would be very difficult to advise over the phone. can anyone help me out with what i should do next. starting over from square one is not my first choice option, is tight(thanks katrina), and this vet has already spent more time on this than a normal dog sample i'm sure. add to the expense of double doing the same tests the expense of shipping the samples, and these will be some very pricey fecals.
Well what parasites came up?

yeah, baby, that's the question. she found nematodes and eggs, but is unable to positively id them in order to reccommend treatment.
Baby eh? Ohhh mack....:wink: Alright, I understand the problem now. Mmmm...only thing I can think of is to ship another fecal sample to David and have him ID the eggs for sure. However, if she can be sure that the organisms and eggs in the fecals are all worms, perhaps you can use a de-wormer in that case. But she must be sure at least what type of parasites they are...

thanks luke. as for the 'baby', i grew up in west texas where everyone is 'honey' or 'sweetie'(although not between guys), and i have spent the last three years in new orleans where everybody calls everybody 'baby' or 'boo' regardless of gender. sorry, it doesn't even register. :oops:
I suggest just sending a fecal to Dr. Frye, he has lots of experience with darts, and has always been very helpful.
my vet talked to some friends at the zoo and is now certain enough to say hookworms are the problem. she said that she would have just called it with any other animal, but was reluctant because she's unfamiliar with darts. i guess my next step is to talk to doc frye. thanks for the replies.
Mack, I have some extra Panacur that I could send with that vert front kit I promised you (sorry I haven't shipped it yet). Give me your address again and I'll get it out to you. I'm not sure how often you check this, so I'll pm you on DB.

hey there

those nematode eggs/hookworms could be lungworms. that was the case with 2 of my frogs. my vet had to consult another vet and the eggs look very similar from what they said. they also told me that the lungworms were hard to get rid of. anyhow, hope this helps. ~Lauren
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