how soon to pull imitator tads ?

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As the title says, how soon do you guys pull imitator tadpoles? I know some people pull theirs inmediately, i just wanted to know pros and cons of pulling tadpoles early or waiting
I would wait until they break free of the egg themselves. Just make sure they are misted and then overall tank humidity is on the high side.

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Yeah its been free of the egg for a few days now. I was just waiting till its old enough to suck it out with a pipette and raise it outside of the viv. The question is:how long after it is out of the egg would you wait?
Take it out now then. I'd use a small plastic flexible spoon like the kind they give you with slurpeez

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I have a fairly large pipette that i used to have from feeding my corals various soild foods. Has a fat opening so it did the job well
Last week I saw a couple eggs in an easy to reach spot so I took those out and put them on a petri dish. They just hatched over the last couple of days and are doing fine (separately).
I have been pulling imi tads after parents transport and feed for a few weeks. They beef up a lot in that time, and I think are much hardier to move. Also, it lets them get a little of the parental care / egg nutrition as well as your tad food of choice. I dont know if there's any real benefit to doing this, just the way I've been doing it.

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