i may have to sell entire collection...heres what i have

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I may have to sell my entire collection due to needing a heart valve transplant. here is what i have available. i am looking for best offers as these are pricey all breeding pairs or groups.
1.1 leucs unknown line
1.1 leucs unknown line
1.1 azureus pat nabors line
1.1 surinam cobalts. f1s
2.2 true orange terribillis 31/2 yrs old sean stewarts line
2.3 lamasi green legged phil tans line.
i'll accept offers on the whole collection as well.
1 surinam cobalt juvie 6-7 months ootw produced from my f1s surinam cobalts.
also have tads and eggs available...azureus and surinam cobalts for local people near me in the twin cities

besides this...i have a ton of supplies. please pm me or post with an offer. you can check out my vendor feedback on my darts under kristy 55303 left by sup22 i am looking to sell collection to fund my expenses also for my heart valve transplant...so please be seious with inquiries. thanks kristSmile
I am so sorry to hear that. I will keep you in my prayers. Please do keep in touch on the boards.
thanks candy will....i hope i can sell these guys before i go into the hospital.
I'm very sad to hear that, but I hope everything goes well. My Aunt just went through somethign similar and is doing excellent, so i'm sure you will be ok!

In terms of your frogs, i'm a grad student and do not have a ton of money to offer you, but thought i'd give it a shot. I would offer you $150 for either of the pairs of Leucs or the the cobalts. I'd prefer the cobalts, so let me know if that offer works.

I hope all goes well and I hope everything goes well,


all available darts have been spoken for. thanks for all the great customers and smooth transactions.

just a note....i've had everything done with the health issue and am getting back into hobby so i hope to have more available in the near future to post on this board. I am hoping to get in this large order of quality healhty darts from my breeder fromm his f1 stock hopefully within the next two weeks....and some i will be keeping and maybe some i will consider selling....all will be proven/breeding now unless stated otherwise. thanks to all of you for all your kind sentimentsSmile appreciate it and all has gone well. Its nice i could take my laptop with me everywhere too along to the hospital ...gave me something to do. sorry if my posts were hard to read...they had me on some intense pain killers and am glad to not be on them anymore.....nauseating to say the least...thanks guys am starting to feel much better so far....kristy Big Grin
Thanks for the Azureus pair and the tads, they are all doing great and i have had two batches of viable eggs in the last week. they must be happy in their new home. thanks again. Big Grin
i told you they would breed right away! Smile I'm glad you are very happy. They were a beautiful pair ...and as always i still miss them. wish i didn't have to sel as they were a nice pair and very prolific, but tough situations come up in life that are unfortunately unavoidable. It was a pleasure doing business with you ....thank you. Big Grin kristy

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