intermedius and N. pictus for sale near Chicago

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I have several juvenile intermedius and 2.0 N. pictus for sale near the Chicago land area.

Species: R. imitator "intermedius"
Quantity: 6+
Sex: 0.0.6
Line: Tarlton/Frye
Age: 2-9 months otw
Price: $65 ea. or inquire for group pricing.

Species: N. pictus
Quantity: 2
Sex: 2.0
Line: unkown
Age: 2 years
Price: $40 ea.
By the way, I forgot to mention that I would prefer local sales or trades given the weather. Would trade for:
banded intermedius
lowland fantastica
green lamasi
various pumilio localities
If you get to the point you will ship the pictus let me know, I have a friend looking for new blood.

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Well, temps are supposed to go up to the 50's around here in the next week. Therefore, if he wants them I'd be willing to ship. I'm in chicago at 60445. Let me know. emailing me at [email protected] is the quickest way to get a hold of me.

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