intermedius, bakhuis PAIRS, and pasaje

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shipping weather is great here.

i have bakhuis tincs, which are one of the smallest tincs. cool and uncommon frogs.
juvies $75 each, $65 each 4 or more
sexed pairs $300

i also have sub-adult d. i. intermedius for $80, or 4 for $300.

i also have e. anthonyi pasaje-sarajunga juvies $60 each, $50 4 or more. their color varies with lighting and is hard to photograph, so i posted two pics of the same pair taken under different lighting conditions.

feel free to call me evenings at 504-296-5574.
do you still have any of the bakhuis sexed pairs available? Shoot me a pm thanks a bunch
i do still have pairs, and i sent you a pm. Smile
Sent you a PM

thanks Newt
Still have any intermedius left? Location?

Some frogs.

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