lesson learned - Frogs needed treatment

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like many we did not do enough research getting in to this hobby :oops: we have had darts for almost a year now but finally decided to read up on some of this stuff and go the right way.just finished a beautiful new 30 gal viv with foam back wall false bottom and 2 water falls.we sent fecals to dr frye(great person,big help) and one pair came back with bad case of hook worms&coccidia. Cry another problem is we used dirt from a viv the frogs were in on the fake back wall and some of the plants.we haven't put any frogs in there yet but now we have start over.we also tried putting dividers in large tanks to house different species so know the others could possibly be infected(dividers bad idea)hopefully others will read this and not have to go through this or put there frogs through this!please read the warnings on quarantine,fecals,and all the other stuff :!: :!: thanks to all that have posted on this site you have been a help whether you new it or not

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