my kitten actually gave birth to two live kittens

0 Replies, 6493 Views is the deal. we adopted a kitten and we rescued an intact male from freezing bills way over 2,000 for the two and the male was older. we had the kitten scheduled for a spay and the male as well for a neuter. well.....apparently that is not the case...she got pregnant at 6 months old and vet said she was too far along to spay....atleast our vet said that....but we are happy to keep them since there are only two. she is 8 months old now and a very good mommy. Daddy ran away and slipped out the door with the kids and cant be foundSad he really wanted to mate and my little abbey was not up to it, being pregs and are some pics. kittens were born two days ago
[Image: IMG_0224.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0223.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0222.jpg]

last one was mommy nursing. They are now a part of the family with the darts! kristy Big Grin
What a good little mommy. I love kittens.
yep...shes a good mommy. i love kittens too, then they grow up and start destroying the house until spayed or neutered lol. kristy Big Grin
There are few things as entertaining as kittens playing together.
you r right. it is entertaining....then they get lazy and just hang out when adults. but my kitten who just had kittens lol destroyed some plants, well alot of plants....i was sooo mad...but dont blame her. she didint know better, oh and broke some table lamps....and lets not discuss the claws lol. DECLAW and SPAY on the way! lol kristy Big Grin
Let's cats have shredded the arm of a couch before they were declawed,chewed through some cords on blinds, chewed on some plants, de-tailed many house lizzards, tried to attack a raccoon through a glass door, tried to attack a deer through a glass door...the dogs have chewed up the couch cusions, chewed 7 pairs of high heels, 2 pairs of flip flops, 2 pairs of Born shoes, 2 pair of Teva's, the strings to bathing suits, tore a 50 ltr bag of Lecca open and had it strung all over the downstairs, shredded down feathered couch cusions, chewed 3 laptop power cords, 2 ethernet cables, a ton of human food pulled off the counter, destroyed several pillows, countless stuffed dog toys..the list could go on and on. The worst thing my cats do now is lock up my laptop when they lay on it.
sounds like my house lol. kristy Big Grin
Awww, they are so cute. Have you named them? The momma is a beautiful kitty and she looks very loving. Her babies look just like her Smile

Personally I would never declaw a cat. I think that's cruel. A cat's claws aren't just for protection but for stretching their muscles, keeping them supple and such....but that's just my opinion.

Glad the babies are doing well so far. I love kittens.
your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle; everything I do is stitched with its color.
mommies name is abbey and when they can be sexed they will be named....daddy was oliver. declaing is in a sense considered inhumane yes. but if they are inside cats and you have spendy furniture may need to do it :wink: Big Grin abbey wasnt declawed yet. i just trim her nails for now. the kittens are adorable.
my cat is an indoor cat but I try to provide a scratching post and such for him to scratch on and keep his nails clipped. It doesn't always do the job 100 percent but that's okay...I'll just avoud expensive furniture. I try to think about stuff like my having animals when I buy stuff.

Can't wait to hear their names...a few years ago my cat patches had four kittens and I named each on as it was born. I'm pretty decent with cats (have a lot mroe experience with them than I do frogs Big Grin ) and I must have been pretty lucky cause I got each sex right so all their names fit.
your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle; everything I do is stitched with its color.
my daughter wants the name tinkerbelle she said lol. and my oldest says oliver junior or just junior since the daddy ran away. its hard to know the sexes until they are weaned off mommy. It was hard for me when abbey was 8 weeks old. I guessed it was a she....but it was definatelty difficult and had to have the vet confirm. lol. I bought her at a petshop....they didnt even know what they were doing. they couldnt tell me the sex, just a guess. kristy
Tinkerbell is a very cute name for a kitten lol Smile

Doesn't surprise me about the pet shop one little bit. I used to be the assistant manager at a pet shop when I lived in San Diego and it was terrible. I was one of two people who knew what we were doing. Half the time though we got the animals from the breeders too early and it was nearly impossible to tell the sex. It was very frustrating.
your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle; everything I do is stitched with its color.
yep i hear ya. totally agree. I also hated seeing them locked up in these tiny containers waiting for someone to buy them and over priced for simple domestic cats lol....and all the kids banging on the glass. stressful for a kitten. kristy
yeah I know it. It was always really difficult. Our owner was a cheap
[email protected]#$%^& and we always had more puppies than we had room for. Sometimes we'd have four to a kennel meant for two. As soon as the owner left for the day and it wasn't busy we'd take a few puppies out at a time and let them play behind the counter.

Then when we started selling kittens as well he was trying to sell simple long haired, domestic silver tabbies (very cute but quite common) as bengals for 1200 dollars a piece!!! First off, I know what a bengal looks like. My cat Jafar (the one I sent you a picture of) is a brown marble bengal....I got him from a breeder for 600 after doing bucoup research on the cats and finding a healthy breeder who wouldanswer all my questions. I was furious that Al was ripping off our customers.
your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle; everything I do is stitched with its color.
oh i wish i had a bengal . they are very pretty like yours. very expensive too. yeah same deal with this petshop. It was just an orange tabby cat....and i know they got it for free. guess we shouldnt be supporting these idiot petshops. Otherwise, our supporting them will just make things worse. kristy
I know what you mean these places can be terrible. We had people call on us to complain before but somehow we never got shut down. Which I thought was bologna. I worked there but I still would have loved to see it shut down and all those poor animals rescued. We had so many sick puppies in the back it wasn't funny.

As for bengals....the breeder I got Jafar from was fantastic. If you ever wanna have a look around I can give you her website. She's very very nice and happy to answer any questions or concerns. I got Jafar for a bit of a discounted price cause he was accident prone and broke his tail then got his eye scratched and got an eye infection and as a result no one wanted him. When I saw his picture I was on the waiting list for a brown spotted male but his little face just broke my heart and I had to have him.
your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle; everything I do is stitched with its color.

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