new frog is hiding

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I have a new Azureus and he seems very scared to exit his enclosed home within the viv. I'm starting to worry about him because I haven't seen him come out in days. I know he is still alive but just hesitant to explore. Is this normal ? He is new to his tank, about 3 days now.
This is pretty common with new frogs. Until the frog acclimates to it's new home, it came be shy, scared, and take to hiding.

Is this frog alone in the viv ? How big is your viv ? How old is the azureus ? Make sure the frogs does not have any injuries and don't let it go too long without eating.

Best of Luck !

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Check your humidity with a hygrometer aswell. If the tank is too dry he'll seek shelter. keep food readily available, no frog can resist a hoppy little fly or pinhead cricket

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