opportunity: for hobby, conserv, and business aspects!!

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ok, here it goes...i'm just winging it here trying to throw this opportunity out to anyone interested! :wink:

Here is the real deal. We were going to rent out our bottom level, when i realized i needed part of it for the dart room. So i am sending this offer out to all dart enthusiasts or those wanting to become involved in darts, as i can teach proper husbandy etc. The bottom level of our home is 700 square feet. very large with a decorative nook and built in decorative shelving along the side wall. It stays at 68 down there in the daytime.(summer) probably less at night(we have space heaters)...private walkout patio, two ceiling fans, and were offering it for 700.00 utilities included ( directtv, phone, water electricity, you name it). We even have it furnished at the moment as a guest room, but can be unfurnished easily. we found a non-dart renter, he paid, but upon seeing my whole collection of darts(upstairs) lol, he backed out and said we had a gorgeous family and home but the darts weirded him out i think . lol . I thought it was kind of funny. Now i have been wanting a "partner in crime". joke. i would really like to have a professional website someday, all my darts registered with ASN(working on it, and studying the manual as we speak) as I am all for the conservation of these gorgeous yet amazing creatures. I am now offering the lower fully refurbished downstairs for a half rent to possibly free depending on how much time you can invest with me. I'd love to vend someday as a partnership and have a gorgeous website up. Lots of plans. Its been so time consuming with quarantining all my darts and fecaling, and the whole rest of the upkeep to properly put healthy darts only into vivs, and doing all my quarantines away from them by myself.Not to mention any treatments darts need. It seems that 75% come in with hook worm, even from the top breeders. Can i do it, yes. But i also have a background in biology and minoring in zoology majoring in vet medicine. need to try and get that finished as well. Would anyone be interested in a partnership? Any other details can be worked out, male or female, doesn't matter. I would like to break even someday, offer quality registered darts to proper homes etc. I have invested well over 10,000 dollars already between my first small collection and my now much larger collection consisting of mostly breeders, and thinking i would stay out due to a health reason, but my passion won't fade and i couldn't stay out of the hobby. Anyone who is interested in an offer such as this....please email me at [email protected] or pm me, although emails get to me faster. We can then go from there and work out any kinks. KristySmile

p.s. i live in ramsey, mn and the offer is for anyone in mn or those willing to move here. Big Grin

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