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Here is my progress so far:
I have decided to set up a 55 gallon tank (48 by 13 by 20), as I had this tank already. I am setting it up with a false bottom made of spacers, plastic screen, and egg crate. I also had the tank drilled (like a reef tank with a sump) so that I could have running water. I found my own drift wood and cleaned it with an about 10 - 20% bleach solution. Right now I am in the process of making the back of the aquarium a variation of the demonstration on My god it that takes allot of black silicon and is very messy. I am currently about half down with this (see pic #1).

For those people with running water (like a water fall) how did you set it up? Pics of the process would be great if you have them. I have a bulk head in the left upper corner of the tank (pic # 2). Does anyone have any Ideas on how to build a nice looking one?

-in the pics the tank is laying on its side.

Any other comments are welcome. Thanks Phishingpete

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Looks good, are you covering it with gravel or what?

Also what are you putting in it - frog wise I mean.
Ya, I am covering the back with gravel. I think the frogs I am hoping to get are Dendrobates leucomelas (I am not 100% yet).
Are you going to put any plants in it? If so do you know what kind?

ya, there will be plants. I was thinking Pothos (devil's Ivy) to start I already have a plant of that in my house. Then I may add an orchid or two, and some other Ivys.
If you want to spend about 40$ and get your money's woth email Harry at and tell him what you want. He will know what to get you.
Thanks that is a nice site I think I will order some plants from him once everything is ready. Thanks again.
No, problem. If you don't know what you want just tell him you have a dart tank, kumitity and ect. or you can do it your self.
First off I would like to thank everyone for their previous comments on my tank.

Well, I made a lot of progress this weekend on the tank. The first pic is one of a finished background and the substrate put in place along with a few rocks. The second picture is the tank fully up and going. I added some plants that I had around the house (I may add a bromeliad and an orchid). Then I have to do is get some cultures of frog food going (fruit flies, springtails, and flour beetles). Get some of those springtails seeded into my tank/ while letting the tank mature at the same time. Then I can add some frogs.

Let me know what you think.

The third and fourth pictures are of the extra supplies that I had left over. That I used to give my tree frog a new home (I know it is not a dart frog but I still think he is cute).

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Here are the third and fourth pics.

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Your 55 gallon looks awesome. That is one of the best 'new' tanks I have seen.
Thanks Mantella Guy!

I now have some questions:

1. my temperature in the tank is 76 degrees when my lights are on and then it can get as low as about 70 degrees with my tank lights off at night (with my air conditioner on). How do you guys keep your temperatures high?

2. does anyone know how to make a venturi driven rain system. I think I get the basics of it but if anyone has some example pics it would be very helpful.

3. And last but not least can you have too much humidity? Mine is in the mid to high 90's.

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