probable sexed pair of cobalts/probable sexed pair azureus

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I have two probable sexed pairs of darts for sale. both are twi registered. I will take 120.00 plus shipping fedex overnight for each pair. cobalts f2 generation sean stews line. morphed aug.08

guaranteed live arrival. must report with pics any doa's within an hour. i like to hold at fedex for delivery unless your temps are perfect. box and shipping supplies included. email [email protected] if interested. thanks

p.s the azureus is pictured in a 190 0z container for the photo and is not on a carpet lol. i am way too ocd for that. I must also add that the cobalts pictured were sold and those look female to me. the ones i held back are a bit bigger and look to be a probable pair. pics don't do justice.

[Image: donationpicsmckenzie-antonibday129.jpg]
[Image: donationpicsmckenzie-antonibday124.jpg]
[Image: donationpicsmckenzie-antonibday133.jpg]
Have you noticed any courting and how much to ship to 92562? I am very interested,let me know asap
i am out of azureus except for one. i had a sale.they morphed in aug. if you would like i could send all three for 140.00 plus shipping. they are only probably sexed. they are too young for courting. I would expect courting this summer if they are a pair. Shipping will run about 60.00 to
thatzip code that includes double insulating and heat pack/gel packs if i have to and insulated box. live arrival guarantee except for shipping cost. you must be home to accept the package and any doas must be reported within an hour of arrival with picture. I do not of course expect this to happen. i ship only on mondays through wed. for their safety. They are TWI registered. I do not support hybrids so i encourage you to separate them when they reach sexual maturity. They have been raised together fine, but aggression can sometimes be intimidation where you dont see it. Its best imo to have same species quarantine and vivs. let me know. I do have a prospective buyer. Kristy
i prefer to have them held for pickup personally at you local fed ex main hub.
still availableSmile
I am interested in what you have avail? I am new to the hobby! I have a 40 gal tank that is planted and almost ready for frogs! I would like to know What you have that is hardy and shipping to 48154?
these specific frogs have already found new homes. sorry. kristy

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