pumilio chiriqui river trio - Traded

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have a male and 2 females - i have had the pair for about a yr and added a 2nd female about 4 months ago.
i am looking to trade because i dont have a misting system connected to the tnak and dont feel like misting everyday to get them to breed.
i do have alot of broms in the tnak so i might have babies - i just dont check. the male does call alot.
looking for
red amy's
yellow fants
banded intermedius
yellow or green sip proven pair.
female Giant orange
banded / or fine spoted leuc pair.
have pictures of my first pair - this is the picture i was sent before i purchased them - so they have grown.
sorry i dont have a picture of the 2nd female - she is hard to photo in the tank
[Image: male2belly.jpg]
[Image: male2top.jpg]
[Image: female1belly.jpg]
[Image: female1top.jpg]
im really not wanted to sell - want to what i can get for trade first
but if you want to buy -please email me prices and i will consider. and shipping would be 50 fedex or if you live close to me, USPS would be around 25.00
[email protected]

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