sanitizing plants?

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Do i need to? And if so, how?
Absolutely you want to always sanitize plants. Use a 10% bleach solution. First soak the plants in plain water to make sure they are fully hydrated. Then soak them in the bleach solution and then rinse them over and over very well. I only soak my plants for about 5-10 mins.
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I have had plants from a frog tank. cleaned out tank. plants were left outside from june till it September. do you think I should use the bleach method still.
wouldn't hurt.

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I would treat them like any nursery bought plant. You can still get a lot of other unwanted hitchhikers. Nematodes, snails, worms, roaches (believe it or not, I've found them...twice). Bare rooting and bleach helps with a lot of this.
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thanks, they have been growing in landscaping pebbles all this time. would the bleach solution hurt the roots if the stuff got on the roots. i'm not saying soaking them but if it splashed and was on there for 1 or 2.
IME some plants do better than others, but I soak them completely, roots and all. Like Jon responded originally if you soak them in plain water for 15 minutes ahead of time it should hydrate them and reduce the uptake of the chlorinated water. Even so, it's a pretty harsh process and many of my plants tend to die back but they bounce back in a few months. I have a brown thumb though and only the toughest plants survive in my vivs Smile.

I clean everything though, even when transferring between established vivs with apparently healthy frogs. Though they tested negative, you never know. I won't keep all the nasties out, but I'll give it my best shot lol.

Zach / "goods" is probably a good person to chime in here. Good luck.
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