sigh, I might have a problem...

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Welp i'm working on my second vivarium for some leucomelas.. annnnnd i already have a tank for a 3rd... annnnnd i uhhh am kind of planning for a fourth. I just want them all okay!!!!!! Geeees

Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans
Save room for some Vanzolinii as well Wink

Ohh and some benedicta...and ... and ...
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It's like crack that hops around.....I have 4 working vivs, one about to be built with 3-4 more in the works.....
This pretty much sums it up.

:twisted: [youtube]Z-9iNVoeghI[/youtube] :twisted:
Cindy Dicken Wrote:This pretty much sums it up.

:twisted: [youtube]Z-9iNVoeghI[/youtube] :twisted:
superb Cindy!!
i love that song gonna rush off to me studio, and get cans now,and to the OP ,i am reckoning of five years of wanting,filling our room and then the rest of our lives wanting more
not good is it :roll:
hahahaha =))
Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans

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