sip morphs and lines question

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I was told that green, blue, and yellow sips were the same and true sips different.
I have noticed from talking to people that their green sips spit out blue sips but not yellow.
Then I heard that yellow sips are from a different location then the green.
So Im guessing that green and blue are the same but yellow maybe a different frog.
Any clarity would be helpful
I guess nobody knows the answer to this question. So I am just going to mix them together.
When in doubt, mix? I would have reached to opposite conclusion.

My understanding is "green sips" occasionally throw blues and they are pretty variable. Yellow sips seem to breed true based on my reading (not personal experience). You should also note there have been recent import yellow sips and green sips. I would hesitate to mix these new animals with the older lines. Here's an older write up from Patrick that I found helpful, but his experience of greens being variable but true to green may not be accurate for all greens as I have seen pictures of greens throwing blues:

There was also an import of "blue sips" in 2013 that were relabeled by hobbyists as "true sips" and these 2013 animals have been crossed with NAIB true sips (the real true sips) already. These absolutely should not have been mixed.

So it's kind of a mess. I would only purchase from a respected hobbyist (remember there is a mass breeder out there crossing locales and sorting by phenotype) and not go mixing sips.
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